How Clean Is the Air You're Breathing?

How Clean Is the Air You're Breathing?

Boost your air quality with an HVAC installation in Houston, TX

Dusty, stale air can make any space feel uncomfortable, and it can also aggravate allergies and medical conditions like asthma. To improve the quality of the air in your building, turn to Mercury Control Services.

Our team in Houston, TX offers HVAC installation services, including ventilation and air filter installation system installation services.

After our indoor air quality services, your home will have a system to filter out airborne:

  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores
  • Tobacco smoke

The system will also keep any odors under control, like the smell of those onions you cooked yesterday. Contact us today to explore all the options for our indoor air quality services.

Who do we work for?

Our company is proud to serve local building engineers, business owners and homeowners. Whether you're constructing a building or adding air filtration to an existing building, you can count on us. Call 281-492-2111 now to arrange for HVAC installation services.