When is it time for an Evaporator Coil Replacement?

Well the truth is you don’t always have to replace your evaporator coil just because it’s not working as its expected to, but before you invest a large expense, have the following Checked first. 5 Things to check before you replace your Evaporator Coil.

  • Have your trusted service technician Inspect to see If your evaporator coil just needs a good clean.
  • Inspect your return Air filter to see if it needs replacing, if you have any pets its best to check and replace this often sometimes every 1 – 2 months. (This is the filter in your home that pulls the air from inside your home up into your system)
  • Again have your trusted service technician Inspect to see if your Media filter (if you have one) doesn’t need to be changed.
  • Have your trusted service technician Inspect for any Freon Leaks if everything else listed above are in good working order.
  • Is the blower working correctly?

Do you always have to replace an Evaporator Coil? The answer is no, not always. Depending on what is found to be wrong with your coil determines if your coil should be replaced.

  • Filters can just simply be replaced whether it be a return Filter or a Media Filter aka. a Whole Home filter.
  • If it’s a dirty evaporator coil, it can be cleaned.
  • Now, if it’s a small freon leak it might be salvageable, stop leak often can seal up any small leak(s).
  • If the leak is a large leak, you might be able to make repairs depending on where it is coming from. A fluorescent dye can be run through the system and often tracked to the culprit location.

Please click the link to see an example of what it looks like to see the fluorescent dye at work. https://www.facebook.com/596340287398512/videos/813504839009071/

  • If the blower is not working as intended, it can cause the coil to ice up. Please be sure your technician does check this as well.

Has your Evaporator Coil iced up?

  • Most often your coil is icing up due to a restriction or freon leak or your coil could be restricted causing a Lack of air flow, if that’s the case like mentioned above its time for a good cleaning.
  • Are you having regular service checks done, Spring and Fall. This can often be avoided if caught early on, as this is when regular changing of filters would occur.
  • Sometimes the Blower fails which is no longer pushing the air across the coil like it’s supposed to, it can cause the coil to freeze up.

So when do you replace your coil?

  • You replace your coil when it is no longer repairable.
  • It may need replacing if it no longer will match up with your current system.

Another thing to Consider when going through options.

  • While your service technician is checking over your system, don’t hesitate to ask for pictures so you can visually see what he is seeing.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, after all its your home!

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